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HakkoBako Home

HakkoBako Home is the first ever fermentation chamber for home use that allows you to control the temperature from 1-99 degrees Celcius and maintain a humidity level of up to 80% to perfectly support any type of food and beverage fermentation process, right in your home. It uses smart IoT and sensors to run timed programs that are set up and maintained through our iOS and Android apps.

Fermentation has been done for thousands of years, adjusting to the seasons and temperatures in different parts of the world. It used to be a  complicated and time-consuming process, but thanks to HakkoBako you can now create complex flavors, in your home, and have a great time doing it.

HakkoBako makes fermentation easy

Fermentation provides benefits in


Fermented food provides many nutritional benefits such as probiotics.


Fermentation has been used for thousands of years as a natural way to preserve food.


Most of the food that you love can only be created the magic of fermentation.

You can use HakkoBako to ferment